What patients are saying about Dr Byrne's medical services....


"I approached Dr Byrne after having heard about her clinic in Nottingham with glowing report from the field of health and well-being.

I sought her advise and expertise in the subject of fertility to gather information about my fertility cycle and ovulation. As a woman of a certain age, knowing that my biological clock is running out of time this was important for me to ascertain. Dr Byrne has always acted with discretion and confidentiality. I experienced her to be professional whilst caring for my needs to find out whether i am still fertile.

I felt comfortable at all times in her hands with the procedures I had. The scan and report were done within a short period of time giving me the information from results that i needed to go forwards. I'm very happy with the service and quality of care and professionalism"  MF

“I have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome, which means I am unable to produce my own eggs without fertility medication. After trying clomid and not managing to conceive, it was suggested I go for IVF (test-tube baby). I did some of my own research and found Dr Byrne (independent gynaecologist) at the Magnolia Therapy Centre. I went to see her about injections to help me ovulate instead of going straight down the IVF route. She suggested another drug (letrozole, anti-oestrogen) which has been shown to be a safe alternative to clomid. I started on the lowest dose for five days, she scanned me on day 10 and saw that I had no dominant follicle. Instead of waiting for another month and a withdrawal bleed, she put me on the “stair step” protocol. I am so glad she did, I ovulated on letrozole and lo and behold I am now eight weeks into my pregnancy! Dr Byrne, also, did a scan at 6 weeks to check everything was all right with the pregnancy. 

As you can see, from the day I contacted Dr Byrne via email, I have been looked after very well. I have had previous experience with a private specialist but it was no way near the high level of care I received from D Byrne. She is very professional and very kind.

I have been followed-up so well, and delighted to conceive without going down the IVF route.

She is always available for question and provides you with the best advice to reassure you.

I cannot recommend Dr Byrne highly enough

IR aged 30years

"Dr Byrne made me feel very welcome and comfortable upon my visit. I was very nervous and confused about many things and she took all the time needed to explain and properly diagnose me plus prescribe me with medication that finally worked for me. Dr Byrne also has a lovely personality- she is very kind and warm. She always follows up and will never leave you with question marks still left behind. The pricing is very reasonable for such treatment.    I highly recommend her to any woman without a doubt" BD

  "Thank you for my results, this is a great weight lifted from my mind!
I looked into having a CA125 blood test and abdominal scan after having worrying symptoms of Ovarian cancer for a couple of months. After looking at various clinics online in the Nottingham area I decided to call the clinic. From the first phone call the staff were extremely helpful and advised that I could be seen within a week. When I arrived at the clinic I felt completely at ease, the first part of the appointment was an ultrasound scan which was very thorough and then I had my consultation with Dr Byrne, again this was very thorough and very reassuring.

My results came back quickly, with great news even taking into account a Bank Holiday weekend. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone with any worries, the team are so professional yet personable, peace of mind is priceless." C

"I first contacted the private clinic after having numerous appointments with my GP, and PMS symptoms. I was really struggling with greasy skin and hair, and depression and low mood, which were all happening for 10 days prior to my periods, and then I'd have a full 7 days of very heavy periods, I was feeling pretty rubbish. My GP basically said that because my periods were regular, there was nothing that could be done. I did a Google search for private gynaecologists in my local area and came across Dr Byrne.

I phoned and made an appointment for the following week. Dr Byrne was very understanding about my symptoms and took time to listen and gather information about my history, she did some tests and suggested the Mirena coil alongside with oestrogen patches. It was so refreshing to finally be taken seriously about my symptoms. At all times, and especially whilst having the coil fitted, I was treated with respect and my privacy and dignity were considered at all times. I'm very satisfied with the care and service I received from the clinic and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking about this kind of treatment. It was very important to me to find a female gynaecologist, and Dr Byrne was very knowledgeable, understanding, experienced and caring. The follow up service has been excellent too, Dr Byrne has phoned me a few times to check that everything is ok”
SW, age 41 years

"I contacted the private clinic for the first time as I wanted an appointment to see a gynaecologist. They offered me an appointment straight away and they were really flexible with the times.
I went the day of the consultation and I was introduced to Dr. Byrne. She was really warm and made me feel comfortable from the first minute. She carefully listened to all my concerns, she reassured me and proceeded with all tests that were required. I was really relieved went I left the practice.
I had to go back for a different issue, this time a bit more urgent and again, the same flexibility for an appointment and excellent care.
You can see she is an outstanding professional that really cares about her patients, calling and emailing to make sure everything is fine.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Byrne to anybody that is looking for an excellent doctor."
AG age 35 years

" I sought Dr Byrne's advice for a second opinion as I wanted to ensure the advice I had been given was correct and if there was anything further she could add. Dr Byrne was very supportive and spent a good amount of time discussing the history of my problem with me so that she could fully understand the present situation. Sh gave me a great deal of confidence that what been done and suggested was accurate and appropriate. She spent a lot of time explaining these decisions in-depth, so that I could fully understand the rationale myself. She also gave me options for alternative treatment outside the NHS if I were to go private. This had not been highlighted to me before so was of great interest, especially as this option seemed to be less invasive and with a quicker recovery time.

Following my appointment with Dr Byrne, I certainly felt more at ease and in a stronger position to make an informed decision after meeting her."
NH age 35 years

"Dr Byrne and her clinic have set the bar very high in patient care. She is the first doctor I met who took time to put all the pieces together, explain the dynamics and implications of dealing with infections after a late miscarriage (after 14 weeks). From the very first appointment, I knew that Dr Byrne was interested in my health and wellbeing. At that appointment, she took the time to listen, answer questions and educate me. I walked away from the first appointment knowing I have all the necessary information and I was going to be given the appropriate treatment. Each step of the way Dr Byrne and her team displayed genuine care and passion.

She made both my husband and myself extremely comfortable during an emotional situation at the second appointment. She showed great empathy and patience.

Dr Byrne and her clinic have shown me what true passion for patient care looks like and I am forever grateful for the way that Dr Byrne's medical advice has impacted on my health. She is compassionate, thoughtful, dedicated to providing the best care, and passionate about helping her patients. Simply said, she is the "best". I would strongly recommend her to my family and friends without hesitation"

SO age 36 years
I am so pleased I found Dr S Byrne, I wanted to see her for reassurance and was delighted to find such a professional and friendly consultation that left me feeling optimistic and hopeful. I even took along my toddler and Dr Byrne made her feel welcome and at ease. The whole consultation was far better than I thought, and would happily see her again. Just finding someone who will spend the time talking to me and reassuring me has lifted my spirits. The consultation was worth every penny, in fact I'd happily pay more she was that good." ND age 35 years

Thank you to all my patients who kindly took the time to write these reviews.